Pilgrims' Progress - 25.04.2011

Philipa writes,
“...Preparations are well on the way for Philipa's trip. She is delighted with the purchase of two useful gadgets...an Amazon Kindle and a spring balance. Philipa has downloaded on to the Kindle an entire library of books, poetry, the Methodist bible, a book entitled 'Universally Challenged' and a Spanish phrase book...all likely to be very useful, particularly the latter as she embarks on her bid to negotiate a donkey.

Philipa writes

The latest idea is that the donkey should be adopted and brought home to join the ranks of the blessed hens who already have lodging at the rectory!

The spring balance is a source of constant delight to her. She needs it to ensure that her entire luggage weight allowance is exactly 5 kilos, but it has proven to be very useful in other calculations, and carrying it around with her she has weighed up everything weighable! If weight restrictions allow it will be taken on the trip...if necessary in a back pocket...it may come in useful when she negotiates the cost of transporting a donkey home. Philipa and Judith will leave on May 4th and expect to be back on June 16th...with or without a donkey!”

While she and Judith are making their pilgrimage, Philipa will be sending news bulletins. You will be able to read these here on the parish website in the ‘News’ section – printed copies will also be available in the churches.