Prayer and discussion groups

How do I pray?

Many people find it hard to pray. Where do you start? What do you say? Am I doing it properly?’ The good news is that there is no ‘proper’ way to pray, whatever way you pray, whatever you want to say to God is the best way for you. And remember prayer is a two way process, as Mother Teresa reminded us ‘God speaks in the silence of the heart. Listening is the beginning of prayer’.

You will find some good prayer ‘starters’ here.

And this book, as its title suggests, has some useful and practical advice for all those who seek God in prayer, whether you are just starting out or looking to refresh your practices,
‘How to Pray: A Practical Handbook’ by John Pritchard, SPCK, 2002, ISBN 0281054541

Prayer Groups

Breathing Space

This is an ecumenical Prayer group for the churches at Castle that will help us deepen our prayer lives and come closer to God in Quiet Reflection and Prayer. We will meet monthly in each church in rotation at 5.30 pm on the first Wednesday of the month. We hope that the timing will enable those at work to drop in on their way home.
After greetings and refreshment there will be some opening prayers, usually a time of Bible reading and/or poetry, perhaps followed by some music. This will lead us into a short period of silence before our main time of prayer. The atmosphere will be informal, the prayers freely formatted; ‘the Spirit is the wind in the sails of our prayer’ (Michael Reeves).

Prayer Chain

A group of people have pledged to pray each week for any concerns or thanksgivings that have been posted on the prayer boards in our churches or that have been given to one of us to pass on. All requests are kept strictly confidential within the group. We start off the chain afresh every Wednesday and requests are passed round the group by phone or e-mail. The group are also supportive of each other and it is not unusual for an extra personal prayer to be passed around when it is apparent that one of the group has a concern that they want to share.

Time to Be - Weekly Prayer Group

Time to Be is a small prayer and fellowship group which meets for half an hour at 10am every Wednesday morning (immediately prior to the popular weekly coffee morning) in the Aldersgate Room at Castle Street Methodist Church. It is currently led by Rev'd Alison Walker. All are welcome to come along.

Requests for prayer

At St. Luke’s Church, near the font, is a prayer board, book and bowl containing candles which can be lit as a sign of a prayer having been said. Prayers written on the board or in the book are collected regularly and passed onto the Prayer Chain.

At St. Giles’ Church there is a book where prayer requests may be written. These will be remembered during the Sunday service and during weekday Morning Prayer.

At Castle St. Methodist Church a prayer request book is provided in the church.

By post: Prayer requests can be sent to: Prayer Requests, St Giles’ Church, Castle St., Cambridge, CB3 0AQ. These requests will be passed onto the Prayer Chain.

Email requests: Prayer requests can be e-mailed to us at

Requests for prayer may also be made to any of the ministers at any time, about any matter.

Discussion Groups

Open Bible Discussion Group

Open Bible Discussion Group is a nondenominational ChurchAtCastle Bible study, meeting on alternate Thursdays in the Aldersgate Room at Castle Street Methodist Church. We warmly welcome you to this new Bible discussion group - whether you're completely new to bible exploration or more familiar. For further details please contact the Parish Office by email or phone 01223 315000.

Men's Discussion Group

The group normally meets once a month in a member's house from 8.00 - 10.00 p.m., usually on the first Tuesday of the month. Topics of discussion cover a wide range of subjects, both directly religious and of wider social/political interest; attempting to see where Christian responsibilities may lie. Interested? Contact Richard Catchpole, telephone 07736 070907

Table Talk

Join the conversation on Thursday evenings at Castle Street Methodist Church - a friendly time to share food (7 - 8 pm), coffee (8 pm) and discussions on faith (8.15 - 9.30 pm). More information is available online or by telephone on 01223 872862.

Seasonal Study Groups

The churches run day-time and evening study courses during Lent and Advent, led by the ministry team and shared by members of all the congregations. All are welcome. Details will be given in the Calendar and the Events sections of the website, in leaflets in the churches or by enquiry at the Parish Office, tel: 01223 315000.

Parish Quiet Day

The churches share a quiet day of study, prayer and fellowship every year. Details will be available as for the study groups, above.