Rev'd Alison Walker


I arrived in September 2013, part of the regular cycle of moving Methodist ministers to new appointments, as the minister to Castle Street, and to Sturton Street in the Petersfield area, and to Haslingfield Church (where we live in the village). If you pass Castle Street Methodist and hear the organ, that may just be my husband Robin Walker, who is a professional musician, and if you see a grey-black standard poodle, that may just be us out for a stroll!
Through faith in Jesus, I have come to know great love, peace and a sense of being challenged in all areas of life – the Church is (usually!) a help, as we try to sort out together what it means to be followers of Jesus, to be a community, to relate to a wider community (church in a box is a terrible idea). It perhaps sounds pretentious to talk about faith, hope, love, peace, justice, goodness – but these values have a meaning when our hearts, minds and lives are all in tune. The Church helps when it is loving, faithful, when it welcomes everyone, when it contributes to society. I think in all that, my strange job is a great blessing and a privilege.
In any spare time, I sing with the Haslingfield Choir, enjoy all kinds of theatre, walks (urban or country, preferably with a pub in them) and spending time with friends and family.

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01223 872862
Methodist minister