Sue Mudie

Most people know me as Henry's owner, which is fine as we are very alike. Both of us enjoy eating and long country walks, but most of all meeting people. Henry wags his tail, which makes folks feel better. At a disadvantage in this respect, all I can do is listen.

Despite the discipline of dog training, and my own life experiences including 30 years of nursing, we can both be a bit mischievous at times, but have a passion for those in our ccommunity and churches who, for whatever reason, feel marginalised. Together we work to bring respect, dignity and laughter to all, regardless of their circumstances or lifestyles. Neither of us is judgemental. Henry does not understand what that word means as it does not exist in the canine world. I think it would be great if we could all say the same!

In September 2013 I completed training for lay ministry as a pastoral assistant for the parish. I look forward to making closer links between the Church and the wider community.

Contact tel: 
01223 367194
Authorised Lay Minister - Pastoral Assistant