Christian Seder Meal

St. Luke's Church, Victoria Road, Cambridge CB4 3DZ

This year we are celebrating with a Christian Seder Meal, interpreting the symbolism of Passover in the context of our Christian faith. We will enjoy a meal of roast lamb with wine or grape juice, and remember the four-fold promises of God to the Children of Israel in Egypt. No attempt will be made in our Seder Meal to reconstruct an authentic Passover ritual of either Christ's time or of present day Judaism. But by using some of the basic Jewish prayers and an adaptation of the traditional questions of the Passover meal, Christians can become somewhat familiar with the tradition of the Jews and our joint roots, a common inheritance.

Following the meal we will join in an informal celebration of Holy Communion when, as Christians, we remember the ultimate sacrifice made for everyone by Jesus. All are welcome.

Tickets at £4 for adults, £2 for children are available from Margaret, 01223 354561 or the Parish Office.