'To be a Pilgrim?'

St. Augustine's Church, Richmond Rd., CB4 3PS

What is the difference between going on a pilgrimage and going on a walk? What makes pilgrimage a universal cultural phenomenon? Why has there been a resurgence of interest in spiritual journeying? Drawing on her experience as a long-distance walker, Camino pilgrim and one-time medieval researcher, Gill Mead will look at the history of pilgrimage and attempt to discover why, even in this day and age, “longen folk to goon on pilgrimages”.

This event is part of the Spring 2019 programme. Entry is open to all, and normally free, although a small charge or retiring collection may be held where fees are requested by speakers or performers. A complimentary glass of wine or fruit juice and nibbles are served at most events.

The programme is supported by Richmond, Oxford and Windsor Roads’ Residents’ Associations, and the Benson Area Residents’ Association, and compiled by St Augustine’s Church. Further details about St. Augustine's can be viewed here.