Lent Study at St Giles'- The Beatitudes

St. Giles' Church, Castle Street, Cambridge, CB3 0AQ

During Lent we will spend some time on Thursday morning after the midweek service to look at a section of the Beatitudes. This will take the form of a reflection more than of a study. We will be using the Plgrim Journeys booklet “40 days of reflections on the Beatitudes” by Steven Croft. We have some copies for use in church, but if you would prefer to have your own copy to use throughout Lent, it is available as a free app, or you can order it from www.chpublishing.co.uk.
The dates will be as follows:
7th March - Blessed are the poor in Spirit
21st March - Blessed are the meek
28th March - Blessed are the merciful
4th April - Blessed are the peacemakers

Details of other Lent study groups in the parish are downloadable here.