Parish Prayer Walk

This walk is a C@C response to the 'Thy Kingdom Come' Ascension to Pentecost 10 days global wave of prayer. Everyone is welcomed to join in and cover as much of the route as they are able.

Leaving the gathering point at St Luke's Church, the route will follow parish boundaries and pass by the river to Magdalene Bridge, St Giles' Church (with the Romanian Orthodox congregation joining in prayer), Castle St Methodist Church and on to Castle Mound. Those wanting a short walk of one mile can return to St Luke's. Others can continue up to the Ascension Burial Ground and then on to Eddington. From there we go (via toilet facilities at the pub) along the parish boundary from Hotel Felix to Histon Road, then on to St. Augustine's for refreshment and finally back to St Luke's. The whole walk with stops for prayer should take the best part of three hours. The entire route is flat and can be followed by electric buggies. The walk will incorporate a variety of prayer styles and reflects both old and new aspects of the parish.

From St Luke's Church, Victoria Road, Cambridge CB4 2DZ