New Horizons for Piano - Online talk & listening session

on ZOOM -

Colin Hazel will talk about female composers for the piano, in the next in his series of 'New Horizons for Piano'.

This Facebook page contains a description and gives the Zoom link for the talk.

'In this talk and listening session, CJ Hazel presents an overview of historical keyboard music written by female composers from the late 17th to the early 20th century (from Elizabeth Jacquet de La Guerre to Maria Szymanowska, Fanny Hensel and Mel Bonis) with the aim of enriching modern piano concert and educational repertoires. Many of these composers were famous and critically acclaimed during their own lifetimes, and some also made significant contributions to the art of piano teaching leaving behind a vast treasure trove of etudes for pianists of all abilities.

CJ Hazel is a pianist, singer, composer, arranger, MD and teacher with a music degree (BA Hons) from the University of Nottingham. He has worked as a solo performer and accompanist in a variety of theatre, jazz and classical groups, including The Barefoot Doctors, Giffords Circus and Tayo Aluko and Friends.'