Cockleshell Heroes and Heroines - Ecumenical Pilgrimage Walk to Ely

David Wilson, Chair of the Mission Action Plan Committee, writes...

To mark Ely Cathedral’s 900th anniversary, the Parish of the Ascension held an Ecumenical Pilgrimage Walk from Cambridge to Ely on Saturday 18th July – a mercifully dry and mostly sunny day, sandwiched between days of summer cloudbursts.

13 people set out from St Giles’ Church at 7.00 a.m., joined by a 14th a couple of bridges downstream. More joined us at Clayhithe and Upware; and one or two peeled off at these points to collect or meet up with other Pilgrims.

Twenty one Pilgrims arrived at Ely Cathedral just before 3.00 p.m. for the service of welcome and prayer led by Canon Alan Hargrave. Of the 21, twelve had done the full 18 miles – with not a blister or a sprain among them. Philipa, our Rector, made no concessions to the unsound in breath or limb as she led barnstormingly from the front.

The full list of those taking part is given below, with a Special Mention for Helen Cunnington who had completed the full distance a few weeks earlier but to her very badly concealed annoyance was prevented by injury from taking part on the day. Plans for the next adventure are already afoot….

The Walkers were;
18 miles
The Rector
Judith Crowe
Hilary Footitt
Richard Footitt
John Gatiss
Sue Harrison
Nobuko Matsumoto
Jane Menzies
Belinda Parham
Alison Taylor
Liz Taylor
David Wilson
12 miles
Ank Rigelsford
Robin Turner
Mark Wills
6 miles
Lewis (with Ank)
Gillian Baker
Janet Bunker
Owen Spencer Thomas
Helen Cunnington
The Cathedral Guides were:
Sylvia Pick
Margaret Cooper
Helen Cunnington

Photographs of various stages of the walk are in the Photo gallery.

News Eggstra
The Rector recently has opened a refuge for ex-battery hens. As gifts from the Ascension Pilgrims to their Lordships the Bishop of Ely and the Bishop of Huntingdon she took two neatly packaged eggs one of which she persisted in entrusting to a notoriously clumsy old man in a red checked shirt. The inevitable happened; but a replacement egg was brought from the refuge, this time with shock-proof packaging. So there was a happy ending…eggs safely delivered along with their presentation scrolls . . . for more, go to the Bishop of Huntingdon’s blog