Our churches and you

The Church of England is a Christian presence in every community through its system of parishes. A parish is an area of a town, city or the countryside containing one or more church buildings, served by a Christian minister and, usually, a team of other ordained and lay ministers i.e. vicar, rector, priest, licensed and authorised lay ministers. Everyone in England lives in a parish and their local parish forms part of a larger Diocese which is overseen by the Bishop of that Diocese. The Parish of the Ascension is part of the Diocese of Ely. The ministers of the parish are available to everyone who lives within that parish, whether a churchgoer, believer or not.

Ecumenical Links

The Parish has close links with the Methodist congregation at Castle St. and the URC congregation at Castle End Mission.

St. Luke’s Church is a Local Ecumenical Partnership (LEP) between the Church of England and the United Reformed Church (URC). The URC members of the congregation mostly opt to join the Common Roll of members from both traditions and wider. Sunday by Sunday, worship common to both traditions is shared, as is leadership.

How we can serve you

The following sections deal with the most common types of contact made by people living in the parish; baptisms, marriages, funerals, finding out more about the Christian faith, seeking help in times of trouble and using parish premises and facilities for community activities.