An Angel in my Window

This Christmas, why not try making an Angel to hang in your window for passers by to enjoy? During the Christmas Tree Festival at St Giles’ Church, from Saturday 27 November to Sunday 5 December, there will be a table with templates and ideas for making your own Angel. So come and see the wonderful Christmas Trees and make your Angel at the same time!

Below is a suggestion as to how you might produce an Angel. But even better would be if you could design your own Angel. Then, when you have made your Angel, why not take a photo of it? Send it to Sheila Rozeik on and we’ll put as many Angels as possible onto our website so that everyone can enjoy them.

All of us at Church at Castle wish you a very Happy Christmas.
We look forward to seeing your Angel in your window.

Idea No. 1
A. Fold a piece of card in half and draw a wing shape on it. Keep the card folded and cut out the wing.
B. Open out the wings and flatten them. Then, on another coloured or white piece of card, draw a shape for the Angel’s body and arms and cut it out.
C. Cut a paper circle out of pink card for the face, and a larger circle out of gold card for the halo. Draw and cut a shape for the hair.
D. Glue the hair on to the face, and glue both of these to the halo. Draw the eyes, nose and mouth on to the face.
E. Cut out two hands from paper, and glue them on to the back of the Angel’s arms.
F. Glue the head on to the body
G. Glue the body on to the wings, and then decorate her with glitter, sequins, feathers and so on, as you like.
H. Take a piece of cotton: make a loop with it and stick it on to the back of the wings with sellotape. Then hang your finished Angel in your window for everyone to see.